Catedral de Mi Padre 'Mexicano' Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico (750ml)

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Catedral mezcals are made by an assortment of Mescaleros. This bottling is made by Adela, 'The Mezcal Girl', who was 14 when her father fell ill. Charged with putting food on her family's table, Adela decided to take matters into her own hands, and took over her father's job at a distillery. In the rural mountains of Oaxaca, Adela sold mezcal out of plastic bottles with handwritten labels. She is now in her twenties and alongside her father, who has since recovered, they produce some of the most excellent and unique artisanal mezcal in the region.

Producer notes: "Fresh green bananas and clean cut flowers. Our Mexicano embodies the lush wilderness in which the agaves that produced it were found. With hints of citrus, crispy celery, and fresh green banana, this elixir is approachable, tart, and bright."

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