Catedral de Mi Padre ‘Ensamble Espadin & Mexicano’ Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico (750ml)

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This bottling is a blend of 80% Espadin agave with 20% of the lower yielding Mexicano agave plant. Each are roasted separately to preserve the nuanced flavors of each species, they are then blended together right before bottling. On the nose there are notes of stony minerality, with savory peppercorn and jalapeño. But the palate is vibrant with green apple tanginess, subtle sweet vanilla. The finish is long and balanced with just a hint of salinity to round it out.

Catedral mezcals are made by an assortment of Mescaleros. This bottling is made by Tio René, whose family has been making mezcal for 3 generations. Using the same techniques and distilling secrets that his ancestors used, Master Mescalero Tio René crafts unique flavors of mezcal with wild agave. As a child, Tio René would help his father harvest wild magueys in the mountains. He worked with his hands, crushing agaves into mash and remembers watching the natural fermentation process start. Legend has it that you can taste the complexity of the land and the family’s unique distilling secrets in every sip.

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