Fred Alkemil 'Ratafia Cherry' Liqueur, Friuli, Italy (700ml)

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Ratafia is a broad term used to describe a sweet alcoholic beverage with a flavoring essence that can resemble cherries. While this particular bottling is naturally sweet from its real cherry juice base, it also shows vibrancy, balance and nuance from the small, and secret percentage of Italian red wine it is married with. This lovely liqueur envelopes the palate with juicy cherry, floral and spice notes and has just a subtle burst of acidity. This is beautiful on its own over ice, with chocolate, or as the key ingredient in a Singapore Sling.

Producer notes: "Fred Alkemil is a line of traditional liqueurs developed by Fred Cremasco, who also masterminds the Fred Jerbis products. He is a bartender, herbalist, and an alchemist. It’s the latter which inspired the name Fred Alkemil, taken from the olden practice seeking to transform common metals into gold. The Alkemil spirits are inspired by 19th century recipes, but produced using unique modern techniques developed by Fred himself through countless experiments to enhance extraction and boost flavor. Fred also draws on his bartending career to ensure the Alkemil products are balanced and useful, with a freshness and energy that sets them apart from most other examples. The name Ratafia comes from the Latin word for ratification, which was used when a treaty was passed. The parties involved celebrated afterward with a drink, and it is believed that the liqueur took on the name as well. Balanced between sweetness and acidity, and small amount of tannin added by the Merlot. Rich texture; flavors of dark chocolate and macerated cherries."

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