Jacquère: a Distinctively Alpine Grape

Jacquère: a Distinctively Alpine Grape

Published by Jayne on Dec 13th 2018

Savoie, pronounced [sav-wah], a French department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France, boasts a breathtaking ambiance of snow-capped peaks, rolling hills, wildflowers and pristine mountain streams. Comprising just under 5,000 vineyard acres in total and divided into 17 crus, this tiny region is white wine-dominant and planted most widely to the Jacquère grape. 

This early budding, generously yielding variety was historically over-cropped and made into very low alcohol, nondescript wines which were rarely exported and consumed primarily at the local chalets by thirsty skiers and tourists. More recently, attitudes have shifted and a number of growers have begun to limit their yields and employ progressive winemaking techniques, resulting in more nuanced, expressive and terroir-driven wines. Planted at altitudes ranging from 800 to 1800ft. on primarily lime-rich glacial material and scree, Jacquère produces high-toned, mineral-driven wines that almost taste as if they flow across wet stones before bottling. Fresh, vibrant, high in acid and mouthwateringly crisp, Jacquère often showcases clean fruit notes as in apple, pear and citrus, yet can also display notes of leafy herbs and wildflowers . At 11.5-12% alcohol, these delightfully pristine wines such as this ‘2017 Domaine Jean Vullien’ we are featuring in our white wine club are very drinkable alone but also pair well with Alpine cheeses, Fondue, Quiche Lorraine or simply prepared seafood dishes. 

Cheers! -Jayne

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