Beautiful Wines from a Breathtaking Region

Beautiful Wines from a Breathtaking Region

Published by Jayne Droese on Jun 16th 2017

Arguably one of the most picturesque wine regions in the world, Liguria is home to seven unique DOC appellations including Riviere Ligure di Ponente, from where one of our tasty June wine club selections hails from. If you haven't had the pleasure of tasting a wine from this region, you are long overdue! Appropriately translating as “the coast of the setting sun”, Riviera Ligure di Ponente spans quite a long distance along Italy’s Mediterranean coast, stretching as far West as Ventimiglia near the French Border all the way to Genoa. Despite its vast area, Riviere Ligure di Ponente does not produce nor export much wine primarily due to the rugged terrain and precarious nature of its steeply terraced vineyards which require laborious and costly hand harvesting. While most vineyards sit around 1000ft, some reach a remarkable 2600ft above sea level! Furthermore, as a tourist destination, much of the wine produced is consumed by the luckiest of travelers. While the region harvests a variety of grapes, its specialty is the aromatic, distinctive Pigato. Undeniably indicative of its origin and terroir, Pigato often exhibits a bright saline note and is therefore the perfect match to seafood dishes such as grilled squid or sardines. Also offering notes of stone fruits, citrus zest and white flowers, Pigato is one of those wines that will transport you to a remote coastal village overlooking the expansive azure sea. The 2015 Durin Pigato ($20/bottle) which we were ecstatic to procure for the June wine club will also be poured at the bar all month long! Pick up a bottle and enjoy while daydreaming of a Mediterranean vacation!



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