Fred Jerbis Fernet 25, Friuli, Italy (750ml)

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Only From the importer~ 25 different botanicals infused together in nearly pure alcohol, including Masterwort, Chamomile, Bitter Orange peel, yarrow (Achillea Moschata), mugo pine, Chinese Rhubarb, Bay Laurel, Yellow Gentian (Gentiana Lutea), Peppermint, saffron, dandelion, licorice, Garden-chamomile, yarrow, rhubarb, Bay Laurel, peppermint, dandelion. Matured in chestnut barrels.

COLOR: deep and dark, from the infusion of the plants. No color added, unusually.

AROMA: Stront mint and rhubarb notes

FLAVOR: Savory and sumptuous, the chestnut barrel maturation adds structure and the Fernet finishes with mint and herbal flavors.

USE: the classic use is straight, after dinner, as a digestivo, but it also works well in a Manhattan as the vermouth substitute.

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