Three Chord "Twelve Bar Reserve" 12 year Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Chelsea, Michigan, (750ml)

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From the Producer:

At the heart and soul of some of the greatest music ever composed is the twelve-bar blues progression. Its unique structure, tone, and character is created through each artist’s interpretation. Our Three Chord Twelve Bar Reserve was created with those elements in mind. Three Chord tips its hat to the legends who mastered the twelve-bar blues and to those who continue to create. We do not use water in the blending of Twelve Bar Reserve. In and out of the cask, Twelve Bar Reserve is the same 107 proof. Our 12-year-old bourbon is bottled 600 bottles at a time to make sure every drop is “perfectly tuned”!

Tech Notes: MASH BILL 84% Corn, 8% Rye, 8% Malted Barley.

APPEARANCE Clear and rich. Burnt or brown sherry color.

AROMA Hints of caramel and vanilla.

TASTE Our signature bourbon is chewy and complex. It has an abundance of vanilla, clove, charred oak and a sweet honey character that hangs in the background.

FINISH Long and lingering with a charred oak character. Add a few drops of room temperature water and experience a strong peppercorn character.

From the Spirit Buyer:

Don't let the high corn content on mash bill fool you, this whiskey is anything but sweet and simple. Rather, the character of this whiskey can be best described as suave and savory. Oily oak wood and barrel char can be found from the nose to the taste to the finish. Nuanced dry spice notes and dark caramel unfold the longer you sit with it. The high proof brings a very warm mouthfeel, without verging on overly 'hot'. This is an awesome holiday or special occasion gift bottle for any bourbon enthusiast.  

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