Allagash Interlude 750ml

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Allagash Interlude 750ml

Rob Tod started Allagash Brewing Company in 1995 in a small corner of a warehouse in Portland, Maine. He recognized a void in the craft brewing movement which was at the time mostly geared towards English and German styles. Rob loved the complexity of Belgian style beers and wished to share the unique flavors and brewing traditions with the American drinking public; thus, he set off to do just that. Beginning small with a modest 15 barrel brewhouse and used equipment, Rob started brewing a traditional wheat ale which was spiced with a blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel and was hazy ‘white’ in appearance due to the use of unmalted, raw wheat. This ‘Allagash White’ would become the brewery’s flagship beer and go on to win a bunch of prestigious beer industry awards beginning with a Gold medal in the 1998 World Beer Cup. But prior to this success, Rob had a difficult time selling his (at the time) ‘unique’ and ‘cloudy’ beers. In fact, Rob admits that getting his beer distributed was a struggle and he ended up frequenting the accounts in Maine that would pour his beers to consume some of it himself! Today, Allagash is wildly successful thanks to Rob’s pioneering efforts and adherence to traditional Belgian brewing methods; and, the brewery has continued to expand its repertoire to include a line of ‘Coolship’ beers which undergo ‘spontaneous fermentation’ before being aged in oak wine barrels for one to three years. In addition to these, Allagash produces a truly impressive and broad collection of limited releases such as this ‘Interlude’ which is brewed with Saison and Brettanomyces yeast to contribute a myriad of flavors before it is aged in red wine barrels. We recommend alongside charcuterie, pizza or a hearty braise!

Tasting Notes: 

Aromas of pear, apricot, graham cracker and bread crust dominate the nose while tart apple and a plummy, vinous character emerge on the medium to full-bodied palate. You can sense the oak in the form of tannic structure which leads to a dry and puckering finish. -Jayne

ABV: 10.6%


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