2015 Broc Cellars Carignan, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California (750ml)

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2015 Broc Cellars Carignan, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California (750ml)

Chris Brockway has a rather technical explanation (see below and for background on the vineyard source) to reveal how he is able to make such a pretty, aromatic wine that is so light on its feet, especially considering that it is a blend of 85% Carignan, 10% Alicante and a little Palomino and Zinfandel! Given all that it still has a nice concentration of red currants, cranberry and juicy strawberry along with a nice hit of white pepper and spice. The wine is livey and bright with excellent acidity and a lovely smooth texture. It's very nice on its own and would also be great on the Thanksgiving table if you can wait that long. Try it with a slight chill. Chris is very proud of the fact that Broc Cellars "saved a remarkable, exquisitely ancient vineyard from imminent "Cabernetification," we continue to nurture its 130+ year old vines, capturing a character unfound in mere 120-year-old vineyards." The vineyard of which he speaks is planted primarily to Carignan, the Rhone variety found mostly in the southern Rhone Valley of France, as well as Palomino (the white grape of Jerez, Spain that makes Sherry) and Alicante Boushcet, the old French varietal which is one of the few wine grapes whose flesh is dark red and not clear. And while Chris certainly appreciates these wonderful, concentrated old vines he employs a bit of carbonic maceration in the winery to avoid making a dense, dark, brooding wine. As he explains, "Pitchforked from bin to tank, the berries remain intact and protected with a constant blanket of C02 until their native yeasts begin to ferment the grape sugars from the inside out. A slow mortification breaks down the color components in the skins infusing the juice inside the still-unbroken berries with a vibrant red hue. When fully dry, it is pressed in microlots and ushered into neutral oak and concrete vessels for the final stages of development."

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