Rodenbach Classic (330ml)

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Rodenbach Classic (330ml)

In 1836, Pedro Rodenbach, together with his entrepreneurial wife Regina Wauters, founded the brewery. However, it is Eugène Rodenbach whom Brouwerij Rodenbach has to thank for its unique quality and masterful character. Not only did he study the vinification of beer, but also optimized the maturation process in oak casks, or “foeders” (maturation casks). The world-renowned cask halls with their 294 oak casks, some of which are 150 years old, are protected as part of the industrial heritage of the Flemish Community.

Rodenbach Classic is the unique “Flanders Red-Brown Beer”, recognized as a traditional local product. Mixed main fermentation and maturation in oak casks (“foeders”) give it the same sweet-sour flavor and complex fruitiness as wine. 

ABV: 5.2%

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