Drakes Denogginizer Double IPA (22oz)

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Drakes Denogginizer Double IPA (22oz)

Drake's Brewing Co. began as 'Lind Brewing Company', established by talented brewer Roger Lind in industrial San Leandro in 1989. With the help of his friend, John Martin and former boss at Triple Rock Brewpub in Berkeley, the two transformed an old Chrysler Dodge factory into a draft only brewery and began producing English-style ales. Lind departed San Leandro in 1998, but left his brewery in the hands of men and women who would earn countless medals at Great American Beer Fest, the World Beer Cup, the California State Fair, and many others.

Denogginizer Double IPA is a monster of a beer made with a colossal mash of malted barley and finished with an irresponsible amount of West Coast hops. An epic tsunami of dank, chewy hops cuts like a guillotine through the warm embrace of velvety smooth sweetness.

ABV: 9.75%

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