2017 Underwood (375ml can) Pinot Noir, Oregon

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2017 Underwood (375ml can) Pinot Noir, Oregon

Union Wine Company was founded by Ryan Harms to fulfill his goal of producing high quality Oregon wines at a value price point. He served as winemaker at several Oregon wineries but was always dismayed because his friends and family couldn't afford to support those higher priced wines. So, he gathered a team and figured out how to source good quality grapes from all over the state and produce great wine in a cost efficient manner. We are huge fans of his as we simply cannot find a better Pinot Noir for the price. Since the 2013 vintage this has been one of the more consistent wines we carry showing admirable Pinot Noir character and even a bit of grace with a silky clean mouth feel and nice concentration. Once again the Union Wine Company guys knocked it out of the park - and packaged their delicious juice into a convenient aluminum can you can bring to the park - or the beach, or to a BBQ, or to a friend's house, etc. - you get the idea.

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