2017 Ferdinand Albarino (375ml can), Lodi, California

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2017 Ferdinand Albarino (375ml can), Lodi, California

Juicy, off-dry, and just what the picnic doctor ordered! Winemaker Evan Frazier put a lot of work into this tasty, varietally correct Albarino he cleverly put into convenient 375 ml cans. The fact that he went to the expense to ferment the wine in neutral oak barrels and age it there on its fine lees without stirring for eight months means he's taking his Can program very seriously. In concert with sourcing the fruit from Markus Bokisch, who is growing some of the best Iberian varietals in California at his organically farmed vineyards in Lodi, is further evidence that Evan means business. And, that he's a great winemaker to have achieved such a charming, refreshing and oh so convenient can of wine.

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