2014-C Casale del Giglio Petit Verdot, Lazio, Italy

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2014-C Casale del Giglio Petit Verdot, Lazio, Italy

Given that Petit Verdot was one of the first varietals to be planted on the expansive Casale del Giglio estate, it makes sense that it is one of their best wines. Because Petit Verdot is late ripening, they believe it has 'adapted perfectly to the microclimate of the Agro Pontino Valley where bright sunshine, sea breezes and warm soil allow the grape to mature to perfection - and to be vinified as a pure varietal.' The nose presents fairly intense aromas of black plum, cassis and dark cherry, a hint of semi-sweet chocolate and spicy clove as well as freshly ground white and black pepper. The medium-bodied palate continues with those aromas as flavors and takes on a dried prune note while the wine finishes with a savory, smoky edge and seamlessly integrated tannins.

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