2013 Sipun Sansigot, Island of Krk, Croatia

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2013 Sipun Sansigot, Island of Krk, Croatia

The island of Krk off the Adriatic coast of Croatia has a storied history as the cultural center of Croatia and at one time had over 25,000 hectares under vine. Today, there are only 250 hectares and the white varietal, Žlahtina, makes up 95% of the plantings. Local vigneron, Ivica Dobrinčić, is the island’s greatest champion of Žlahtina and produces world class wines from it. He has also worked hard to re-introduce other long forgotten grapes like the red varietal Sansigot, which at one time made up over 20% of the island’s vineyards. This 2013 Sansigot was fermented and aged in stainless steel and then aged for another four months in acacia, oak, mulberry and chestnut barrels from local coopers. It reveals a fetching iron ore, bloody, dark red fruited character loaded with flavors of juicy black plum and a kick of spice. The tannins are soft yet the acidity is high making for an overall delightful and charmingly different drinking experience. 

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